Inventor of interchangeable coin jewelry

Mi Moneda means ‘My Coin’ in Spanish and is an innovative and luxurious jewelry brand inspired by vintage coins. It all started when a couple with a mutual love for coins designed the first interchangeable Mi Moneda pendant, with the idea that once somebody owns one or two coin holders  and a Mi Moneda chain, it offers them access to create hundred thousands of combinations. After all, each woman has her own unique style! 

Mi Moneda craze

As a results a Mi Moneda craze swept throughout the jewelry world, with Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens and Halle Berry being just a few of the celebrities spotted wearing the brand. It didn’t take long before we expanded the collection with  interchangeable earrings, bracelets, rings as well. We select the best quality materials from all over the world for our jewelry. From sparkling Swarovski crystals, fine crystal quartz, natural Shell to elegant Pearls; with over 350.000 combinations there’s a perfect match for each and everyone. Not to mention that the collection is still expanding and innovating…

Create your own story and start a new legacy

Alongside the iconic collection of coin jewelry, Mi Moneda recently launched her newest collection: MM Vintage ICONS. The MM Vintage ICONS collection consists of oval shaped seal rings and pendants with enamel; in classic black, but also special and striking colors!  The Vintage-inspired collection has an iconic touch. First you choose your favourite signet ring or pendant, for example classic black or a striking colour.  Then you add an icon. What makes it so nice is that these icons (which you place in the jewelry yourself) can be exchanged. The icons fits on both, the seal rings and the pendants. The interchangeable feature ensures that you can combine endlessly.

There are also three other beautiful collections:  MM Vintage, MM Monogram and the Legacy collection. The MM Vintage line consists of elegant oval and square- shaped 925 silver signet rings and pendants with studs and Swarovski crystals which give you, just like any other Mi Moneda piece, the opportunity to switch styles or to even personalize it.  The MM Monogram collection consists of different shapes of tags that you can wear on a necklace or earring. All these jewelry can be engraved to give a personal touch to your necklace, ring or earring. The MM Legacy collection does not only look luxurious, it also has a precious story inside. The drop shaped pendant carries a secret within… With each pendant you receive a free birthstone; a Swarovski crystal that represents a birth month!