Turn off your phone
There’s no better way to start your ‘me-time’ than with shutting off your phone. No unnecessary text messages, no scrolling through your Instagram feed to keep up with the world; just YOU. But we’re humans and addicted to our phones. Acknowledging that, here’s a tip to keep you off your phone: the app ‘Flipd’ creates a lock screen that removes distractions, but keeps you connected!

Buy yourself some flowers
Don't wait for someone else to give you what you need, sometimes a girl just need to buy herself some flowers. Flowers are serious mood enhancers. So go on and treat yourself. After all, you deserve them!

Wear your favorite lingerie
Maybe they fit perfectly, maybe they’re just the perfect shade of the perfect color, maybe they remind you of a special moment. Whatever your reasons are, there’s something about good lingerie that makes you feel like the true queen you are.

Mi Moneda

Read a book or a magazine
Get lost in one of your favorite stories, learn something you’ve always wanted to learn, or just get inspired by reading a magazine.

Take a warm bath

Take a good soak and just chill. Adding essential oils gives you even more reasons to enjoy your bath-time

Order some food
There’s only one rule to this; make sure you enjoy it and don’t regret it. If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you’re missing the point. Tip: your meal will even taste better when eating it in bed, which brings us to taking a nap..

Take a nap
Because nothing feels better than taking a power nap after stuffing yourself with delicious food!

Binge watch a serie
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t be that ‘season per day’ kinda girl. Binge-watching your favorite serie is almost therapeutic, if you ask us. For a few hours, you turn off the world around you and get completely sucked into whatever you’re watching.